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Tagra was established in 1998 as a start-up company dedicated to solving the major formulating challenges of microencapsulation.
Mr.Ron Folman, an entrepreneur and founder of the company, was driven to find a solution to ensure the stability of microencapsulated active compounds used in the personal care industry.

In 2003, Tagra’s commercial scale up manufacturing plant was inaugurated and international export began. Soon after, Tagra expanded its operations to address nano-regulatory challenges by developing the micron-sized Carbon Black unbreakable microcapsules. Tagra then widened its range of unbreakable capsules to include the first generation of encapsulated UV filters, SunCaps (launched in 2014).

In 2015, the Personal Care Committee at In-Cosmetics Barcelona awarded Tagra the prestigious Bronze Award for Tagra’s Suncaps™.
Persistent efforts for sustainability led Tagra to develop and launch environmentally-friendly microencapsulated pigments, the CameleonCaps™ range.