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Manufacturing & Regulation


Established  in 1998, Tagra’s state-of-the-art production plant and R&D center has developed and manufactured over 50 different innovative microencapsulated products.

Our professional platform allows us to manufacture 70MT per year . The in-house production process occurs on parallel production lines.

The manufacturing process meets ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and GMP standards, correlating with our efforts for sustainability.

Quality Management

The most important aspects of our work are efficiency, adherence to all standards and regulations, and the protection of our environment.

A comprehensive quality management system guarantees the highest quality of the manufactured products and the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

From the selection of suppliers and throughout all of the production processes, including packaging and logistics, Tagra is subject to strictest quality control.

Above all, Tagra strives to fulfil the wishes and requirements of customers, and better yet, to surpass them.


Tagra Biotechnologies values sustainability as a strategic consideration in all areas of its operations.

We search for the most impactful solutions with consideration for the future of our most important resources – our employees, our customers, and our environment.

We are dedicated to developing products, services and processes that will reduce the consumption of resources and supplies, thereby helping to preserve the environment.

Our overall goal is to establish long-term community partnerships to ensure that our supply of raw materials is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Tagra’s fair business practices and sustainable procurement are evaluated by EcoVadis,  a rating agency which specializes in the evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility