Tagra Biotechnologies is a world-renowned leading distributor of raw materials for personal, home care, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. With over 180 customers in the Israeli market, our Import & Distribution Division is the largest supply platform in the personal care industry aimed at Israeli manufacturers.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and maintaining excellent customer relationships.

Tagra complies with legal and quality certifications such as ISO, GMP, and more.

Tagra’s headquarters are located in Netanya, Israel, where we operate versatile global procurement.

Thanks to our 3 warehouses, located in Israel, we can optimally manage a wide range of products and packaging according to required storage conditions. Our local stock ensures fast delivery upon request, and our company-owned trucks make 
24-hour deliveries achievable.

Tagra adapts to the latest trends and regulatory changes. Moreover, we plan

according to our customers’ needs and strive to make their experience as seamless as possible.

Targa distributes ingredients from leading manufacturers with a global reputation for innovation, technical support, quality, credibility, and reliability.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service and fostering strong relationships by organizing frequent customer visits, seminars, and supplier meetings. We meet our clients’ needs and proactively offer innovative ideas and solutions to any challenges.

Tagra’s customers benefit from our Research & Development department and from our technical and commercial support. As a world leader in our field, we have extensive knowledge on a wide range of products. This allows us to suggest precise ingredient options for any specific need.

We make sure to keep the most popular ingredients in stock at all times, so that they  are readily available for immediate delivery. Furthermore, for added convenience, we  anticipate customer needs and stock inventory accordingly.

Tagra provides customers with technical support via regular assistance, customer visits and by keeping records of all technical, scientific and legislative inquiries. Moreover, by staying up-to-date on raw material technologies, marketing trends and innovations, we can offer  relevant ingredient recommendations to support marketing initiatives.

** Please note that we provide product samples for evaluation purposes and pilot tests.

As world leaders in our field, we regularly participate in international trade shows and stay at the forefront of all industry developments. We keep up with the latest raw material technologies, marketing trends and innovations. This allows us to provide customers with relevant recommendations to support marketing initiatives.

Tagra has a team dedicated to following regulatory changes and global trend alerts, updating customers and providing support and documentation meeting all current regulations across the globe.

Tagra operates its own application lab, led by our in-house pharmacist and formulator. Thanks to our extensive laboratory skills and world-renowned expertise in formulation development and technology, we are constantly developing new formulations and demo-kits based on innovative concepts according to the latest market trends.

Our lab also provides customers with technical formulation assistance and helps them overcome any obstacles they may face.

Tagra is dedicated to providing support and innovative solutions for formulation development. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to offer recommendations for active and functional ingredients, to support customers’ marketing initiatives, and to solve barriers to formulation development.