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Smart encapsulations for superior actives delivery provide confidence in the actives efficacy and offer greater flexibility for creating stable, high-performance skin-restoring products.

Naturally-derived microencapsulation protects essential oils for fresh, long-lasting release with each application. CelluOil converts oil to powder that can be dispersed and integrated across the formulation phases.

Globally approved microencapsulated pigments allow cosmetic companies to easily convert skin care products into color cosmetics products. CameleonCaps provide exciting visual effects, which engage the end consumer.

Innovative encapsulated UV filters are hermetically entrapped and sealed within unbreakable transparent cellulose-based polymer shells. SunCaps improve the UV protection profile, improve safety by preventing skin penetration, and increase photostability.

Water Soluble Salicylic Acid in dry powder form (50% w/w) is based on Tagra’s WS TechTM unique, innovative technology.

The cellulose-based microencapsulation of pigments for the cosmetic industry. The “green” way to easily convert skin care into color cosmetics while providing exciting visual effects.