Our expertise and experience have firmly established Tagra as a world leader in the development of quality microencapsulation solution for the cosmetic industry.

Tagra uses the most sophisticated encapsulation technology available to deliver outstanding performance and customer experience, while overcoming formulation challenges.

Encapsulated pigments which are being released upon application while creating a ‘WOW’ effect to any formulation.

Transparent, unbreakable UV filters that enhance the safety of UV filters and improve skin care formulation texture and user experience.

Microencapsulation keeps actives fresh until delivery and promotes stable formulations.

Tagra Biotechnologies is a world-renowned producer of innovative microencapsulated active compounds and pigments. Our technology supports stable, effective, and exciting formulations for cosmetic use.

Our extensive range of products was specifically designed to meet the exacting standards and regulations of the cosmetic industry. Our innovative microencapsulation technology enables our customers to easily develop innovative formulations and products.